What Can 3-D Printing Do For You?


My poster is meant to inform and give the resources that people with medical issues can use to learn more about and find out if 3-D printing can help them.

My main focus when creating this poster was to be able to induce a feeling of hope for the audience viewing the poster. I used an image of a Nigerian girl with a 3-D printed prosthetic leg that appears to be standing comfortably and confidently. I wanted to show that the viewer of the poster could also recover and be as healthy as the girl in the picture.

I also wanted to show that, in comparison to other medical procedures or treatments, 3-D health developments can be much cheaper and accessible. By using a young Nigerian girl, which may appear to be a less privileged individual, the poster shows that these treatments can be accessible to a much wider range of people.

I also hoped to illustrate a feeling of “hope” in my poster by using a soft, bright yellow as the background color. The background then closes in on the image, which is an attempt to appear sort of like a circular window towards something within the audience’s reach.

Another point I wanted to make in this poster is to add a sense of movement towards a better future for the viewer. The image of the girl shows her taking a step forward, which may show the audience that they can also take their own initiative to find out more about how 3-D may be able to improve their lives.

I also added a sense of movement in the background colors by adding a gradient of yellow to white, which not only shows a progress towards something brighter, but may also lead the viewer’s  eyes towards a link to my website where they can take that first step.

Since 3-D printing also focuses on being extremely customizable, I wanted my poster to be relatable to the audience. In the photograph of the girl, the bottom of her prosthetic leg looks almost like her own skin tone. This shows that 3-D printing can be much more flexible in terms of customizability for an individual.

The text, “what can 3-D printing do for you?” also adds to the feeling of personalization. By ending the phrase with the word “you,” I hoped to stress that the poster is talking directly to and about the viewer. I also used colors from the girl’s dress to choose the color of the font in order to connect the idea between the phrase and an example of a patient.

I also focused on making sure the poster looked gentle. In order to do this, I used pastel yellow and white for the background, used round font, and rounded of the edge of my image to show that there is nothing harmful or “sharp” in what may be their first impression on 3-D medical help. I wanted to show, especially for a targeted audience of people suffering from medical issues, that 3-D printing can be safe and beneficial.

Overall, I wanted my audience to feel inclined and comfortable to find out more about what 3-D printing can do for them. 3-D printing has many benefits that, surprisingly, many people do not know much about. I hope that by making the topic appear safe, simple, and approachable, people can research more about, support, and use 3-D printing technology to their advantage.

Girl in poster: https://www.flickr.com/photos/71041967@N02/16250129319/in/photostream/

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